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26th October 2019
New Huntsman for Quorn Hunt Opening Meet 2019

The Quorn Hunt traditionally hold their opening meet at their kennels at Kirby Bellars, just West of Melton Mowbray. Since the 2004 Hunting Act, fox hunts have become clean boot packs, following previously laid trails for the hounds to follow, and carrying a bird of prey in case a fox is flushed by hounds accidentally. […]

31st July 2017
Cottesmore Hunt mounted hound exercise 31/7

With the harvest in full swing, the Cottesmore hounds started mounted hound exercise this morning at the crack of dawn. Being a beautifully clear and atmospheric morning I decided to join them at the kennels and find out where they were going. As soon as they set off in one direction I headed off in […]

15th November 2016
Hunting with Cambridge University Drag Hounds

My base in Oakham gives me the perfect position to photograph some of the World's most famous fox hunts. Oakham itself is in the Cottesmore country, which is (roughly) bordered in the West by the B6047 and in the East by the North Sea. West of the Cottesmore is the Quorn country; the Belvoir hunt […]

1st November 2016
Belvoir Hunt Opening Meet 2016

The last of the Shire packs to hold its opening meet was the Belvoir Hunt, who traditionally hold theirs at the Village Hall in Long Clawson, in the heart of their Leicestershire country. For a full set of images please click here - The Belvoir Hunt Opening Meet 2016

31st October 2016
Quorn Hunt Opening Meet 2016

The Quorn Hunt Opening Meet 2016 was the second of the Shire Pack opening meets, as they are known, to be held. Their 2016 opening meet was  at their kennels at Kirby Bellars. As usual the Quorn Hunt attracted a good field, including a large number of side saddle riders (one male included) who were all […]

31st October 2016
Cottesmore Hunt Opening Meet 2016

The Cottesmore Hunt Opening Meet was held at Preston Lodge, near Braunston, a week or so earlier than usual, but still attracted an large mounted field and many foot followers who enjoyed the October sunshine. I recognised visitors from the Quorn, Belvoir, Fernie, Pytchley and Warwickshire hunts, to name but a few. This year the Cottesmore Hunt are celebrating […]

21st February 2016
The Tatler 1930 - Spotting The Belvoir

This caught my eye the other day, not least because of the headline that you wouldn't get away with in polite society in the 21st Century. The image in the Tatler shows a meet of the Belvoir Hounds At Landyke Lane, Near Ab Kettleby, in the February 5th 1930 issue of The Tatler but it […]

28th December 2014
Who mourns the soul of a hound when he dies?

Who Mourns the Soul of a Hound When He Dies? Who mourns the soul of a hound when he dies Who even knows that he’s gone, The master, the huntsman, they miss him perhaps, And the farm where his walking was done. But when once again on the opening day The seasons first music rings […]

5th March 2014
Hunting Photography - The Cottesmore at Barnsdale Lodge

Images now online: The Cottesmore at Barnsdale Lodge, 1st March.

17th February 2014
Hunting Photography - The Belvoir at Hose 15/2

Images of the Belvoir Hunt's meet at Hose on Saturday are now online: Equine/Hunting Photography - The Belvoir Hunt meet at Farrier's Forge, Hose on 15/2

5th February 2014
Hunting Photography - The Cottesmore at Furze Hill

Images of the Cottesmore Hunt's meet at Furze Hill yesterday are now online. Hunting Photography - The Cottesmore at Furze Hill  

3rd February 2014
Hunting Photography - The Cottesmore at Betts Barn

Images of the Cottesmore Hunt's meet at Betts Barn last week. It wasn't a very pleasant day!

27th January 2014
Hunting Photography - The Woodland Pytchley visit the Fitzwilliam at Milton Hall 25/1

The Fitzwilliam (Milton) Hunt played host to the Woodland Pytchley on Saturday, at Milton Hall. I couldn't stay out for very long but what I have is now online: Fitzwilliam Hunt Photography - The Woodland Pytchley Hunt visit the Fitzwilliam at Milton Hall 25/1

25th January 2014
Hunting Photography - The Quorn at Markham House

The Quorn Hunt's meet at Markham House, Thorpe Satchville, by kind permission of David Samworth. Images - The Quorn Hunt at Markham House

19th January 2014
Hunting Photography - Hound exercise with the Cottesmore

On a day off from more traditional mounted hunting the Cottesmore Hunt hounds enjoyed a day of hound exercise in the woods in glorious winter sunshine. Full set of images - Cottesmore Hunt Hound exercise in Owston Woods

3rd January 2014
Hunting Photography - The Belvoir at Eaton Grange

Images of the Belvoir Hunt's meet at Eaton Grange yesterday are now online. The featured image shows our host James Henderson showing the field a clean pair of shoes/heels. The Belvoir at Eaton Grange

31st December 2013
Boxing Day meet marriage proposal

This year's Cottesmore Hunt Boxing Day meet in Oakham included a very public marriage proposal. Peter Chojnacki climbed off his horse and got down on one knee to ask his girlfriend Anna Munton the big question. The answer was "yes".

31st December 2013
The Belvoir Hunt at Waltham House

The Greenall family continued the tradition by hosting a meet of the Belvoir Hunt at Waltham House, the former home of the late Migs Greenall. A good field of 100+ followers gathered, with visitors from the Warwickshire, Staffordshire Moorland, Heythrop and many more. Hounds quickly found the trail and headed from the meet toward Greenall's […]

18th March 2013
South Notts Hunt at Colston Bassett Hall 14/3/13

A full set of these images is now on my website - The South Notts Hunt at Colston Bassett Hall 14/3/13

3rd March 2013
The Belvoir at Goadby Marwood Hall 2/3/13

One of the most picturesque meets of the season to photograph is that of The Belvoir at Goadby Marwood Hall, the home of the Westropp family. Hounds meet in a paddock in front of the hall and then follow scent trails laid around the paddocks behind the hall and lakes, incorporating lots of post and […]

24th February 2013
The Quorn Hunt Ball 2013

The Quorn Hunt Ball is always an impressive affair and this year's event, with 740 guests and the biggest marquee the event has ever used, was no different. The Quorn Hunt Ball 2013.

2nd January 2013
The new "Download All" button - what is it and why doesn't it work?

Recent visitors to the "Hunting and Hounds" area of the website may have noticed that all galleries in this section now have a "Download All" button at the top of the page: The more curious of you may even have clicked on it, only to be asked to log in or create a new account. […]

12th June 2011
The Ardingly Inter-Hunt Relay

A number of people have been in touch asking where they can find images of the Inter-Hunt Relay during the South of England Show at Ardingly. The site you want to visit is E.S. Photography who were the Official Photographers. They had a photographer on each side of the course for every round over three […]

5th January 2011
From digital image to canvas

Mike Todd has posted an interesting account of how he turned a digital image he licensed from me into a very nice piece of artwork.

20th February 2008
Quorn Hunt Photos 2008-present

I have Quorn Hunt photos from early 2008 to the present day, organised by season (October through to March). The Quorn Hunt traces its origins to a pack of foxhounds established in 1696 at Tooley Park, Leicestershire, by the youthful Thomas Boothby (1677–1752). Its present name comes from the village of Quorn, also known as […]

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