The Tumblers Club

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loose horse during belvoir team chase

A quick post because I get a lot of people ask me where it is.

For many years now I have used the automation features of Photodeck to add images which are tagged with certain keywords to a gallery, known as The Tumblers Club.

What is The Tumblers Club?

The gallery contains nearly all the images I have of people falling off their horse. Very niche I know.

I say “nearly all” because I only every publish images if I know that both the horse and rider are unhurt as a result of their tumble. Sadly, some of the crashes I see result in injury to the rider and, less often, to the horse. In these cases I do not publish the images for obvious reasons.

Historically The Tumblers Club was a light-hearted fund raising method for fox hunts in the United Kingdom. Fox hunting was banned in 2004 and most of the British packs converted themselves into trail hunting or drag hunting packs, some still employing a Tumblers Club fine. If you are seen to have fallen from your horse during a day with the hunt you are singled out in for a fine which goes towards hunt funds. Some hunts fine different amounts for rider falls and horse falls.

The Tumblers Club Classic - Phoebe Buckley and TIGER MAIL, Blair Castle International Horse Trials 2019

As I am a multi-discipline equestrian photographer my images cover a wide range of competitions and situations, as you will see.

Where is The Tumblers Club?

My Tumblers Club is a a gallery on my website, auto-populated with images tagged with the words fall, or faller.

You can find it here: The Tumblers Club.

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