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Mr and Mrs March

Piggy French's surprise wedding to Thomas March

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In May I was phoned by Thomas March, Piggy French's long term partner, who asked me if I was free to photograph a party which was being held to celebrate Piggy's win at Badminton Horse Trials a couple of weeks previously. I said I was and the date was duly secured.

Nearer the time, Tom rang again and asked me to arrive a couple of hours before the guests. There were a few things he needed to brief me about, and things to show me.

I don’t know why but I already had my suspicions, so it was not a complete surprise for me when, on arrival, Tom explained that they were not only going to celebrate the Badminton victory, they were also going to get married!

After the guests had arrived and drinks were distributed Piggy made a speech which included stories of her first experiences of top level events as a spectator, and her obsession with Mary King. She talked about the Badminton experience and thanked all her owners and staff for their loyalty and support. Amy Phillips was presented with a framed picture to commemorate the Badminton victory.

Moving on, Piggy spoke about Thomas, how they got together and what a rock he is to her. At this point she announced that it seemed like a good time to get married! There was a moment of silence and then wild celebration from all present. Luckily I was ready for this because some of the reactions were priceless.

We were all packed off into a pair of London buses which came up the drive and took use to the church in the village. Here it became clear that bridesmaids and ushers were in on the secret as guests were shown to their seats and given orders of service. A beautiful service followed.

After the service the buses took us back to the yard from outside the local primary school where pupils and teachers were fascinated with the goings on, London Buses and all!

The full set of images are password protected at this time but may be available at a later date.

The Mitsubishi Badminton Horse Trials Trophy
The Badminton Trophy was on display on arrival
Piggy French Tom March wedding 7
Piggy spoke very well. She was very funny about how she "stalked" Mary King and read out some of Mary's replies to her letters and gifts.
Piggy French Tom March wedding 6
Vanir Kamira's owner Trevor Dickens was thanked and presented with a framed set of Badminton images...
Piggy French Tom March wedding 5
Vanir Kamira's groom Amy Phillips was also given a framed collage of Badminton action prints - many of which were taken by me too.
Piggy French Tom March wedding 16
Towards the end Piggy talked about Tom and what a difference he had made to her life...
Piggy French Tom March wedding 3
Before dropping the bombshell that guests were here for a wedding too! Cue lots of screaming and no shortage of tears.
Piggy French Tom March wedding 4
The close families and bridesmaids were in on the surprise and went off to quickly get changed. Dizie Woodhouse and Holly Campbell flank Piggy's Mother Kate.
Piggy French Tom March wedding 17
The bridal party included son Max (obviously), Piggy's nieces and two oldest friends. Father Wally gave her away.
Piggy French Tom March wedding 2
Possibly the loudest celebration of a first kiss I've ever heard in a church. Thanks Angus.
Piggy French Tom March wedding 15
The happy couple leaving the church
Piggy French Tom March wedding 1
Max being swung between them as they made their way to the wedding car.
Piggy French Tom March wedding 14
Tom and Piggy went off on a short excursion in their car while guests were quickly transported back to the marquee in buses which were now marked up as "just married" and "Mr & Mrs March"
Piggy French Tom March wedding 12
Piggy French Tom March wedding 13
Wally French gave a speech
Piggy French Tom March wedding 11
Followed by the Groom and finally Best Man Tom How.
Piggy French Tom March wedding 9
Riders present included Tom McEwen, Kitty King
Piggy French Tom March wedding 10
Gemma Tattersall and Tina Cook
Piggy French Tom March Wedding 26Jun19 269
Ros Canter and partner Chris.
Piggy French Tom March Wedding 26Jun19 637
Harry and Rosie Meade
Piggy French Tom March Wedding 26Jun19 410
Yogi Breisner and William Fox-Pitt
Piggy French Tom March Wedding 26Jun19 627
Pippa (and William) Funnell
Matthew Heath, Piggy French and Angus Smales.
Matthew Heath and Angus Smales.
Willa Newton.
Willa (and Chloe) Newton.
Piggy's vet Alex Knott and Richard Jones were pressed into service as ushers.
Piggy's vet Alex Knott and Richard Jones were pressed into service as ushers.
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