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About the trainer

Nico Morgan has been a photographer for more than 35 years, and has had his work published all over the World in newspapers, books, magazines and websites. He has had well over of 50 front covers of books, national and international magazines, including the likes of Horse & Hound, The Field, Eventing, British Eventing Life, British Showjumping.

Nico is a full-time professional equine photographer and shoots at least two different equestrian disciplines every week, sometimes three or four. He works as an event photographer at some of the top events in the UK and Ireland, as well as providing equine imagery for commercial clients as varied as car companies, equine supplements manufacturers and luxury shoe and boot brands.

For some time Nico has published free equine photography advice on his blog which has proved very popular. Now he is putting the best of it behind a paywall which is not, like most subscription models, a repeating payment. A one-off payment will secure access to this content for ever. While the quantity of those articles is relatively small the price is very affordable, but as time goes on and the amount of material which members have access to increases, so will the price of membership.

So if you are looking for an equine photography course - you're in the right place!


Equestrian photography is a wide-ranging and varied subject, not just portraits of a horse & rider at golden hour!

Equestrian photography covers any photography which includes an equine. This could be a portrait, but it could also be any of the many other equestrian disciplines and sports.

We want you to be confident enough to shoot any equine activity!
Rebecca Gibbs and DE BEERS DILLETANTE at Burghley


Why pay-as-you-go for equine photography courses when you can pay once for a membership and access a library of equestrian photography courses and other resources in one place and access them at any time?

I have a lots of courses which are in progress and I am publishing new ones out every week. Because the full set are not yet available I have massively reduced the cost of membership. If you want a real bargain, now is the time to join.

What's more, I am always delighted to receive ideas for new articles, which can then be useful to all our members.

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Equine Photography Course - Carl Hester and HAWTINS DELICATO - CDI4* Grand Prix Dressage

Current Member Only Articles

Click on one of the titles to see the contents of each guide. Currently these articles work out at £3.50p each!
The best websites for photographers

The best websites for photographers fall into two camps. Portfolio sites designed to show off your best work, and e-commerce platforms which for selling it.

Where can I practise my Equine Photography and what can I publish afterwards?

One of the most confusing areas of etiquette for aspiring equine photographers is knowing how to legitimately gain access to an event to practise your equine photography without getting a bad name for invading someone's turf. This does not apply to most areas of equine photography, which take place on private land. You can arrange […]

7 Ways to make money from equine photography

Some people are happy for their photography to just be a hobby, but many need to make it pay. Here are some ways you can turn your equestrian photography into a profitable business.

Showjumping Camera Settings - Quick Guide

This members article reveals the settings you can set up in seconds which will enable you to get great showjumping images.

1st Class Equine Photography Training

Some of the areas we covered during the free training days laid on by 1st Class Images in March.

How to photograph cross country fences

For any aspiring equine photographer, knowing how to photograph cross country fences to get the most from them and flatter rider and horse is essential.

How to photograph Dressage

This article focuses on how to photograph dressage and which movements photograph best when photographing dressage.

How to get noticed for your equine photography

MEMBERS - Advice on how to take your equine photography to the next level

What are the best lenses for horse photography?

MEMBERS - an equine photography masterclass article about choosing the right lens for the right situation.

Why you should not give away your images (anywhere)

MEMBERS - Giving away images is the worst thing you can do for your business and for the photography professional as a whole.

Badminton Horse Trials Photography

This article is free to members. Photographing any big international event brings with it specific challenges. Covering large three-day and four-day horse trials is no exception. Although the title of this article is Badminton Horse Trials Photos. some of the challenges are photography related, others most definitely aren't! You need to be logged in to […]

How to photograph showing

Photographing showing classes is not everyone's cup of tea but the discipline accounts for a large number of horses bred around the World.
Read this guide for tips of shooting ridden showing classes on the flat and over working hunter classes, in-hand classes and driven classes too.

Photographing Horses Indoors

Photographing horses indoors is one of the most challenging of all the equestrian photography disciplines. Light levels are varied, but usually poor, meaning there is an inevitable trade off between shutter speeds and high ISO - and therefore noise - levels.

Use Adobe Lightroom presets to export social media images

Regular posting to social media platforms can become a headache. Each platform wants images of different sizes and we also don't want our images to be taken an used elsewhere, so we need to set up watermarks too.

Adobe Lightroom presets allow us to export images in several different ways at the same time. This mini-course will show you how to set up presets

Event Photographer's Checklist

The event photographer's checklist is a short guide to packing what you need for a day's event photography, either as an employee/solo photographer or as the person selling photographs on site.

Which Camera and lens should I buy for equestrian photography

In this course I will try to simplify the process of purchasing a camera for equestrian photography by discussing the differences between cameras and the features which different situations and disciplines require.

Image Management and Backup for photographers

A short intermediate level mini-course outlining a workflow for image file management, import, naming, storage and backup.

Coming Soon

How to photograph cross country fences - Added November 2022
What we learned from the 1st Class Images Training Weekend - Added March 2023
How to make money from equine photography - Added September 2023
Choosing the best platform for your website - Added January 2024
How to licence images for commercial or editorial use
How to Photograph Horse Racing
Getting Started with Commercial Equine Photography
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Equestrian photography courses - Pippa Funnell and MGH Grafton Street on the cover of Horse & Hound

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