My Services

Yes, lots.

If you visit my portfolio via the main site menu you will find a commercial sub-section which features some examples of brands I have worked with and the different styles required.

Whether you are looking for lifestyle photos, cut-out product shots, or PR images to promote and widen the audience which knows your brand, I can help you.

Please get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

Using the Site

On the right-hand edge of every gallery or image page there is an orange search box with the words "SEARCH" inside it.

Click on this box and the box will expand.

Type in the word or phrase you wish to search for and click Enter.

You can use Boolean operators to perform a more specific search. e.g. "john smith" AND burghley OR badminton. The operators need to be in capital letters.

A new page will load which shows you the results of your search.

Many of the gallery pages also have a search box in the introduction section at the top of the page.


Some of the events I cover for magazines and newspapers have official photographers who are the only people allowed to sell images to competitors and the general public.

You will find that my images from these events are only available via a Rights Managed licence (see below).