Where can I practise my Equine Photography and what can I publish afterwards?

Posted on 13th October 2023 in Members, Technique and Training. So far there are 0 comments.
Redhead photographer shoots showing from outside the ring

One of the most confusing areas of etiquette for aspiring equine photographers is knowing how to legitimately gain access to an event to practise your equine photography without getting a bad name for invading someone’s turf.

This does not apply to most areas of equine photography, which take place on private land. You can arrange a portrait, editorial or commercial shoot anywhere you like on private land and nobody is going to have any say in what you do with the photographs you take. You’ve arranged the shoot and you’ve taken the images. Simple.

Photographs at public events are a different matter. In this article I try to explain the legal and moral codes which equine photographers have to stick to to remain in everyone’s good books.

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