Qode Bridge contact form unusable – how to fix it

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One of my client sites uses Qode’s Bridge theme.

With certain caveats (their documentation is awful, for example) I’m pretty happy with it, but a recent problem had me completely stumped and I was forced to go through their support ticket system to find a solution.

The page looked great but I couldn’t click in any of the contact form fields in order to enter text.

My initial Google searches didn’t help so I’m publishing this here in the hope that someone, somewhere is helped by it in the future. Aren’t I nice?

The Bridge theme contact page has two elements to it: the admin settings and the page settings.

Admin settings are reached from the Qode Options menu in the left-hand WordPress menu. They include settings such as whether or the Google Map is shown, and more importantly the mail settings for the contact form itself.

The page settings are contained within the page itself, so you have to navigate to Pages and then find your contact form there and click Edit.

By default my contact page was set up with Visual Composer. Hover over the text area where the address appears and you can edit to enter your own or client’s address  information:

changing address details in Qode's Bridge theme

My problem, however was more hidden.

The settings for the actual Visual Composer Row were incorrect. To get to these you need to edit the Row Settings using the pencil icon to the top-right of the column:

edit a visual composer row

Then when in these settings I had to change the Row Type from “In Grid” to “Full Width”.

change visual composer row type to full width to solve contact form problem

This solved the problem. The page looked identical but the contact form could not be entered and filled in.


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  1. Can you please tell me WHERE at ‘Pages’ I can find the contact page…..Their documentation is indeed awful! I have been searching for hours (!), but nowhere a contactpage….
    I hope you can help me!

    1. Post

      Hi Saskia. Yes of course. You have to create a page of your own as the Contact page, and assign it the Contact Page template in the sidebar on the right. What appears on the contact page is determined via Qode Options > Contact Page.
      Hope that helps!

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