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These are posts related to web design, SEO or web analytics. The vast majority of web design work which I do is Wordpress development or static sites in pure HTML, CSS and Javascript.

27th January 2024
Hunter Hirelings Project

This small personal project came about because I was regularly involved in Whatsapp discussions with people asking about where they could find hunter hirelings in my area. I knew a few people who provided the service, or used to, but not many, so I set about searching the web for more providers. Long story short, […]

4th May 2021
Opening of Barrowcliffe XC

Barrowcliffe Farm, in Leicestershire, is typical of much of the surrounding countryside in the heart of the traditional hunting homeland. Ridge and furrow fields of rolling pasture extend for miles. In recent years the owners have been developing an equestrian cross country training facility, spread across three of their adjacent fields, and covering about 35 […]

1st March 2021
Add a Splide slider using the Oxygen Builder

How to create a lightweight carousel or logo slider using the Oxygen Builder.

13th March 2019
Adding multiple images using WordPress Gutenberg

For some time now it is been frustrating me that, as a photographer, when I want to add multiple images to a blog post using the new WordPress Gutenberg interface I have to do each image one at a time. In fact, it annoys me so much, that I started to post multiple images as […]

15th November 2018
How to secure your WordPress website (and improve your SEO in the process)

What is HTTPS? HTTPS is a URL (web address) system similar to the standard HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) scheme. However, HTTPS signals the browser to use an added encryption layer of SSL to protect the traffic. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web […]

21st July 2017
SEO for images. Are your images at the top of searches?

If you are reading this then the chances are you have a website yourself and you care about your content being found by others. You've probably read a lot about good practice in designing your pages, but have you thought about your images/graphics and how they can be optimised for good SEO? A quick summary […]

3rd February 2016
Midlands Area Point-To-Point Association

As many readers will know I have been the official photographer at Garthorpe for the point-to-point meetings there for some years, and through the contacts I made there I have been helping out with making sure that press releases had images to accompany them. I had also been instrumental in setting Garthorpe up with a fully-functional […]

27th October 2015
Qode Bridge contact form unusable - how to fix it

One of my client sites uses Qode's Bridge theme. With certain caveats (their documentation is awful, for example) I'm pretty happy with it, but a recent problem had me completely stumped and I was forced to go through their support ticket system to find a solution. The page looked great but I couldn't click in […]

30th March 2001
Moved to Greymatter

A few test items to finish the month. As you can probably see, Greymatter is now running this site (I thought the day Blogger was down was a good day to start) and seem to be making a good job of it.Archives can still be found here.Now I just need to do some work on […]

30th March 2001
Greymatter Test

I must give this test a title This is a test.... (and as it turned out I stayed with Greymatter for a while then settled on WordPress.)

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