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Quorn Ball 2019

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I have had to wait a long time to publish my images from the Quorn Ball in March. I agreed to an embargo with a national magazine but hadn’t realised it would not be in their next issue, but the one after.

The event moved to a new venue this year, which seemed to work very well. The ball was smaller (not a bad thing) with a larger, central dancefloor; an improvement on some previous events.

George and Toby Corbin-Greenall
George and Toby Corbin-Greenall
Quorn Hunt Ball 2Mar19 010 - Quorn Ball 2019
The venue
Sam Rickitt with the Household Cavalry
Guests were greeted by The Household Cavalry…
Household Cavalry Officers
…and officers were aplenty to wow the ladies.
Izzy Nowicki and Janine Donlan
Izzy Nowicki and Janine Donlan
Tim Hercock
Tim Hercock auctioneering
Amanda and Tim Eastwood
Hosts Tim and Amanda Eastwood
Alice Pearson and James Bird
Alice Pearson and James Bird
Ed Winterton and Izzy Nowicki
The usuals suspects

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