Quorn Hunt Ball 2Mar19 321 - Quorn Ball 2019

Quorn Ball 2019

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I have had to wait a long time to publish my images from the Quorn Ball in March. I agreed to an embargo with a national magazine but hadn’t realised it would not be in their next issue, but the one after.

The event moved to a new venue this year, which seemed to work very well. The ball was smaller (not a bad thing) with a larger, central dance floor; an improvement on some previous events.

All the images from the 2019 Quorn Ball.

See also my posts about the previous Quorn Balls: 2013, 2014.

Quorn Hunt Ball 2Mar19 061 - Quorn Ball 2019
George and Toby Corbin-Greenall
Quorn Hunt Ball 2Mar19 010 - Quorn Ball 2019
The venue
Quorn Hunt Ball 2Mar19 020 - Quorn Ball 2019
Guests were greeted by The Household Cavalry…
Quorn Hunt Ball 2Mar19 076 - Quorn Ball 2019
…and officers were aplenty to wow the ladies.
Quorn Hunt Ball 2Mar19 143 - Quorn Ball 2019
Izzy Nowicki and Janine Donlan
Quorn Hunt Ball 2Mar19 167 - Quorn Ball 2019
Tim Hercock auctioneering
Quorn Hunt Ball 2Mar19 224 - Quorn Ball 2019
Hosts Tim and Amanda Eastwood
Quorn Hunt Ball 2Mar19 326 - Quorn Ball 2019
Alice Pearson and James Bird
Quorn Hunt Ball 2Mar19 381 - Quorn Ball 2019
Ed Winterton and Izzy Nowicki
Quorn Hunt Ball 2Mar19 399 - Quorn Ball 2019

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  1. Toby daresbury and merril Atkinson at Altavilla, pink sands and moneygall, Peter stokes, gerry Mulcaire,god rest them all….

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