Vinnie Jones and the great fox shooting scandal

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Ex-footballer turned actor Vinnie Jones has been at the centre of a social media storm this week after a tweet was posted which featured a large number of dead foxes:

Photo tweeted on Vinne Jones Twitter

The picture was posted with the caption: “A real night lamping #foxes anyone beat this?” It was subsequently deleted from the account on Sunday night.

Predictably enough the post attracted a number of critical replies, both on and offline, many of which were notable for thinking that lamping for foxes was illegal. It isn’t.

Philippa King, CEO of the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “The extermination of such a large number of foxes cannot be interpreted as simply dealing with a rogue fox problem or wildlife management.

“Although the activity may be legal, there is no doubt it is unethical and likely totally unjustified – as fox populations are self-regulating.

But all may not be as it seems, according to Jones, who later tweeted:

and then:

Both tweets attracted derisory comments which reminded the Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels actor about his love of country sports.

He had told ShootingUK earlier this month:“I love pigeon shooting — building the hide, putting the decoys out.

“Lamping is probably my favourite. I’ve spent a lot of money on customising my Land Rover for lamping. If the farmer has a fox problem I love going out and dealing with it for him.”

One could be forgiven for thinking that he was protesting too much, and that this was a misguided attempt to dig himself out of a large hole. Some replies on Twitter certainly didn’t believe him:

But the plot thickens further.

On Sunday evening Jones added:

While many were not convinced evidence started to emerge that he might have a case:

That last tweet, retweeted by Jones, came from a company which specialises in monitoring people’s Intellectual Property, including photography.

The original source of the image has not been located or reposted so far, and even so, people are not impressed, pointing out that he has history.

The detractors, though, seem to have been very slow to cotton on to the fact that Jones makes no secret of his love of shooting.

Was this a carefully planned attack on Jones’ public image by the animal rights fraternity? If so, they have certainly raised the profile of his hobbies in the public eye. If Jones is telling the truth, though, and there is a subsequent arrest for a hacker, will they have shot themselves in the foot?

I, for one would not criticise him to his face!


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