Hail Caesar!

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If you were lucky enough to watch the prize giving ceremony at Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials this year you will know that the presentations were nearly upstaged by this chap, a gorgeous army dog called Caesar.

Soon after the event the handler got in touch with me to ask if he could have a copy of the photos, which I was delighted to provide for him. I also took the opportunity to find out a bit more about the partnership while I was at it.

Caesar’s handler in these photos is Dave Carter. Dave served in the army for 17 years up to 2014, when he was made redundant. He soon found that he missed military life and join 101 Military Working Dog Unit (based at St George’s Barracks, North Luffenham) as a Reserve Soldier.

Caesar the Army Arms and Explosive Search dog

Caesar doing his best to be a big distraction

Caesar the Army Arms and Explosive Search dog

Dave doing his best to keep a straight face

Dave’s began working with Caesar last year and as we all saw at Burghley they have made a very strong partnership in that time.

Caesar is a 4-year-old Belgian Malinois cross German Shepherd and has been trained as an Arms and Explosive Search Dog. He can find weapon parts, ammunition, explosive devices and bomb parts.

Unfortunately for Dave, Caesar enjoys playing rather more than he does working (I think we saw a glimpse of that in the main arena!) and the Army has decided to re-home him.

Dave tells me, “unfortunately I missed out on having him by about a week but I know he is going to a very experienced person and he will have a fantastic life ahead of him.”

I’m sure everybody wishes Caesar a long, happy and playful retirement from army life.

Caesar the Army Arms and Explosive Search dogCaesar the Army Arms and Explosive Search dogCaesar the Army Arms and Explosive Search dog

Many thanks to Dave Carter for providing these pictures for me to share.

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  1. We stood at the Burghley Horse Trials seated on the grand stand next to the presentation of prizes. So many thanks to both, Caesar and his master. Lovely!

    Fantastiv photos, congrats!

    Meike & Michael from Hamburg, Getmany.

  2. I was lucky enough to have an excellent seat at Burghley right next to the a Royal Box. I just loved Caesar, I have one not very good photo of Caesar. He was absolutely wonderful, what a character!

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