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An equestrian resource kit built in Notion

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I have added quite a lot more information into this database now. There is still a massive way to go so appreciate any help I can get!

This is a placeholder for a future article in which I will detail the various parts of this project.

For now, the Equestrian Dashboard, a sort of resource kit for equestrians of all types, is being developed here.

Equestrian Resource Kit in Notion

You may need to create a Notion account to view this resource but a personal Notion account is free for life and VERY powerful and useful.

I welcome comments on it as it is but please bear the following in mind:

Eventually it will be a portal containing the following interlinked databases which are currently being worked on:

  • Equestrian Event Calendar which can be filtered by different disciplines
  • Details of each event, including the level of those competitions, photographs and notes from other competitors.
  • The contact details of the organisers and event secretaries, as well as
  • A list of venues which host those events, with details of facilities and contact details.
  • The geographical cities those venues reside in so that different filters and views can be applied to hone in on the events near you.
  • Registered trainers, again, sortable by geographic location and where they train.
  • A journal database which ties in on the above.
  • A database of official photographers at the various events so you can find you images afterwards or find out who to get permission from if you want to photograph an event yourself
  • Guides for photographing different disciplines, types of venues and situations.
  • and more…

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