Dublin Horse Show 2017 – Day Two

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We wake in Dublin to find that air conditioning does not seem to work in our apartments. It is very warm in our rooms and we all feel a bit dehydrated but it doesn’t matter too much because today is our lay day and we only have a few non-time-specific jobs to do.

We drive to the Royal Dublin Society and have a our first giggle at Irish logic. Aware that this is set-up day we drive round to the Anglesea Gate where most trade stands offload their stock. We are told that no, unfortunately there is no room for us to park in the RDS and we should return to the Merrion Road (main) entrance where lots of parking is available. Cue ten minute detour around the one-way system of Ballsbridge, only to be told on our arrival at the main gate that no, sorry, my colleague is wrong, there is no parking available.

“Can you advise where we should park?”
“I’m sorry Sir, you will have to park on the main road somewhere and pay and display.”
“Any ideas where we might find those spaces?”
“I’m sorry Sir, I’m not from this area at all. I don’t really know. But,  if you drive out of here and up Anglesea Road you will find some space on your right hand side. If they are full then go a bit further up the road and there is a Church which has parking which most people don’t know about.”

A bit of giggling later and we were parked up and on our way to the Media Centre, issued our very attractive blue mesh bibs, wristbands, and media packs. We give our newbie members a bit of a tour of the arenas and have a catch-up with the arena party who, like me, have been “promoted” to the main ring.

We head back to our digs before heading into Dublin town to do some shopping and/or sightseeing. A long night ensues…

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