Equestrian Photography Courses and Resources

Equestrian Photography Courses and Resources

What is Equestrian Photography?

Equestrian photography is not just taking portraits of a horse & rider at Golden Hour!

Equestrian photography covers any photography which includes an equine. This could be a portrait, but it could also be any of the equestrian disciplines and sports.

Sadly, however, most equestrian photography courses only teach equine portraiture.

There are many other equestrian disciplines that deserve our attention. My aim is to help you learn how to photograph as many of them as possible, and to do it very well.

Welcome to a new way to access equestrian photography courses

Subscription-free membership

Why pay-as-you-go for courses when you can pay once and access a library of equestrian photography courses and other resources in one place and finish them in your own time?

Member Benefits

What you get with membership:

Just pay once, no need to renew
Access to all courses and other resources
New courses added regularly.
Access to private members Facebook group.

I have a lots of courses which are in progresss and I am publishing new ones out every week. Because the full set are not yet available I have massively reduced the cost of membership. If you want a real bargain, now is the time to join.

Act quickly though, this offer is very short lived. After that the price will be much higher.

New courses coming

Coming soon:

Got something you really want to know. Send me a message and I will do my bet to answer it and add that to the pool of resources as soon as possible.

Will I be charged for membership every year?

No! This is a one-time payment which buys you membership for life, with no catch or hidden extras.

What is in the courses?

The content of our equestrian photography courses vary, with some consisting of a number of different lessons, each with multiple topics within them. Others will be single page checklists to help you make sure you haven't forgotten anything before you go out on a shoot. Some contain videos to watch and some are text and image only.

How can I get help?

Whilst you are always free to email us at any time with questions, we encourage members to post their queries in the Members Facebook Group. By doing this, both your question and our answer are available for others to view tomorrow, or in five years time. The group is searchable which means it forms a database of information as time goes on.

Currently Active Courses

Here is a list of the courses you will have access to straight away. Remember, more are being added all the time.

If you'd like to find out a bit more about them, there is some equine photography course information here.

OK, how much does this cost?

You get all this for a one-time payment of £199

But hurry. This is a very limited time offer while I iron out some wrinkles and add more courses and resources.