The new “Download All” button – what is it and why doesn’t it work?

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Recent visitors to the “Hunting and Hounds” area of the website may have noticed that all galleries in this section now have a “Download All” button at the top of the page:

The more curious of you may even have clicked on it, only to be asked to log in or create a new account.

To save you any more wasted time, logging in won’t give you all my photos free – sorry! I like to feel I’m a generous chap but that is going one step too far.

This new button has appeared because there are certain people who I provide work for regularly who are given “Privileged Client Status” which enables them to download anything they like from particular areas of my site, free of charge, in order to try them out in magazine layouts etc. This status is attached to their particular login details so that only that email address and password has the right to download anything and everything, and even then only in areas of the site I specify.

The result of all this is that unless you are one of these Privileged Clients you can safely ignore the new button as it won’t work anyway!

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