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Fox Hunting horn ringtones

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Whenever I change phones I always end up having to transfer my fox hunting horn ringtone from old to new, only to find that the format of the ringtone doesn’t work on the new phone.

Horse and Hound’s website used to have a page from which you could download the hunting ringtone in different formats but for whatever reason it isn’t working at the moment so this makes the process of downloading new formats harder.

Hunting horn ringtone for iOS , Windows Phone or Android

I have two different formats which I have uploaded here so that others can download them if they are struggling to get them elsewhere.

The mp3 version is ready to go but the iPhone version needs to be renamed as follows:

  • Right-click (or Ctrl-click on a Mac) on the link and choose Save as… to download the file from here
  • rename the file by changing the .zip extension to .m4r
  • Drag the file onto iTunes (it will recognise it as a ringtone)
  • Sync your phone if necessary (or just make sure you drag the ringtone onto your phone in iTunes)

mp3 version, iPhone version.

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