Belton Horse Trials 2019

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Belton Horse Trials are traditionally one of the warm-up events for horses heading to Badminton Horse Trials in May. There are international sections at CCI4*-S – The Grantham Cup attracts over 100 entries – and CCI3*-S level, as well as national classes from advanced down to novice.

In previous years I have been employed by the event photographer at Belton Horse Trials to photograph showjumping and cross country phases in their entirety. This year I was able to go off my own bat and do some work for my own sponsored riders, and some sponsors too. Of course it was also a great time to add content to my equestrian image library too.

Two of my riders, Willa Newton and Eliza Stoddart, had eight horses between them, Greta Mason and Alex Tordoff one each. Besides these there were local friends competing and some of the best horses on the planet to watch with interest.

Willa Newton COCK A DOODLE DO 29Mar19 007 - Belton Horse Trials 2019
Willa Newton and COCK A DOODLE DO started the weekend well, winning their novice section. Belton Horse Trials offers some great opportunities for the “money shot” in front of the house.
Eliza Stoddart PRIORSPARK OPPOSITION FREE 30Mar19 002 - Belton Horse Trials 2019
Eliza Stoddart and PRIORSPARK OPPOSITION FREE, one of two horses Eliza had in the Grantham Cup.
Eliza Stoddart DICK O MALLEY 31Mar19 002 - Belton Horse Trials 2019
The other, DICK O MALLEY, taking Eliza to a fabulous sixth place. Open ditches like this make great photo opportunities as they show off the horses’s scope.
Greta Mason COOLEY FOR SURE 30Mar19 006 - Belton Horse Trials 2019
Greta Mason and COOLEY FOR SURE, 6th in their Open Intermediate section.
Alexander Tordoff COOL JACK 31Mar19 006 - Belton Horse Trials 2019
Alexander Tordoff and COOL JACK had a couple of unfortunate runouts having been well-placed in the Under-25 Advanced class.
Harry Meade AWAY CRUISING 31Mar19 005 - Belton Horse Trials 2019
Harry Meade and AWAY CRUISING
Laura Collett DACAPO 31Mar19 001 - Belton Horse Trials 2019
Laura Collett and DACAPO
Angus Smales EL FINITO 29Mar19 015 - Belton Horse Trials 2019
Angus Smales and EL FINITO, three seconds away from winning their section
Piggy French QUARRYCREST ECHO 29Mar19 013 - Belton Horse Trials 2019
Piggy French and QUARRYCREST ECHO preparing for the 5* at Kentucky later this month.
Lucy Robinson COSMIC CHARM 30Mar19 002 - Belton Horse Trials 2019
Lucy Robinson and COSMIC CHARM
Nicola Wilson ERANO M 30Mar19 009 - Belton Horse Trials 2019
Nicola Wilson and ERANO M giving me a few heart-in-mouth moments in the latter stages of the intermediate course.
Bubby Upton COLA III 30Mar19 006 - Belton Horse Trials 2019
Bubby Upton and COLA III won their section in style.
Felicity Collins GLASKER SWEET CLOVER 31Mar19 004 - Belton Horse Trials 2019
Felicity Collins and GLASKER SWEET CLOVER

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