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Why you shouldn’t give away your images on social media (or anywhere)

Posted on 23rd January 2022 in .  So far there are No comments

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It is very tempting to use social media as a marketing tool for your photographs, especially if you are an aspiring photographer who wants more followers.

In itself this isn’t a bad idea, who doesn’t want to get their name “out there”? After all, it is free and you could reach a large audience through sharing by third parties.

What is not a good idea is using social media instead of your website, uploading hundreds of images at a time.

If you do this on a platform like Facebook you might as well be giving them away. Facebook provides a handy Download button to facilitate taking the images people want. You will have no idea.

Perhaps you are not interested in selling your images., either because you are not a professional, have another job and don’t want the money, or maybe you plan to sell them later at a later date but for now you just want the advertising.

hopefully this article will explain why you might not want to do this.


  • Images have value
  • If you want to be respected, don’t offend other photographers
  • Channel social media to your website
  • Are there any situations where it is OK to give images away?
  • Conclusion

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