Gareth Owen Osteopathy

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Gareth Owen is an Osteopath who grew up in the Rutland town of Oakham and recently returned there to set up his business in a new studio off Church Street.

He got in touch with me with a simple brief: he needed some clean and simple imagery of his new studio space for use on social media, on his website and in printed marketing materials.

Gareth Owen Osteopathy in Oakham
Gareth Owen Osteopathy in Oakham

The studio space was simple and airy but natural light was limited to one side of the room, so my challenge was to even up that light on the other side without it looking unnatural.

Gareth Owen Osteopathy in Oakham

To this end I used Godox AD360II wireless flashes to bounce artificial light off the white walls in to the darker side of the studio, resulting in a nice even light.

I am a huge fan of these great little lights for a number of reasons. Whilst not as small as speedlights they are very compact and portable nonetheless, and with a guide number of 80 they have plenty of power for nearly all my needs. They sync up to 1/8000s which is very useful for outdoor use as a fill light against a strong sun. When not used with their own radio trigger they can be used as a slave and fired by other flashes. They also have a wide range of modifiers to suit most situations and I have been known to use accessories intended for other systems in a Heath Robinson manner too!

Gareth Owen Osteopathy in Oakham

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