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Commercial Photography: Hippo Hot Water Horse Showers

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Hippo is a family company based in Lincolnshire which manufactures hot water horse showers for equestrian establishments of all sizes.

Each one is lovingly hand-built by a fully qualified gas engineer using top quality components – no cheap ebay boilers here. They have no pilot light so they do not experience the same wind problems suffered by cheaper makes.

Hippo horse showers come in a variety of styles, some of which are designed to be fixed in position with a permanent water supply, others have their own water supply and can be moved around your yard, or even taken with you to events.

Hippo hot water horse showers
Click here to visit Hippo’s website

Hippo have a good customer base and plenty of in situ “lifestyle” style images, but what they lacked was studio images they could use for their product shots on their website and other websites.

Given the variety of different products to be photographed, I offered to travel to their workshop with my mobile studio. This is the simple set up I used.

hippo showers lighting diagram optimised - Commercial Photography: Hippo Hot Water Horse Showers
Mobile studio set up for images of Hippo Hot Water horse showers: four strobes, two softboxes, white backdrop.

They company is also very proud of the accessories they supply so they were included in the shoot too. Smaller items were positioned on a box under the “tail” of the backdrop, the two main lights were then tilted downwards accordingly.

A few examples of the images we produced:

Hippo hot water horse shower
Hippo Shower in blue
Hippo bulbless solarium
Hippo also produce a bulbless solarium
Hippo hot water horse shower
Hippo hot water horse shower
Hippo hot water horse shower hose

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