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I was recently approached by Samantha Finnemore, a Rutland-based veterinary physiotherapist, looking to revamp her web site and add new content. She was keen to commission me to produce both video and still photography of her at work, with horses and dogs.

Sammy was keen to use a realistic working environment for the shoot, and we were very grateful to Samantha Hobbs and her team at Streethill Farm, in Leicestershire, for allowing us to use a range of settings on their yard.

Veterinary physiotherapist Samantha Finnemore treating a canine client

As with all shoots of this type it was important for me to establish Sammy’s aims and expectations before we started, so we spent half an hour exploring sets, backgrounds, and lighting variations, both indoors and outdoors.

Veterinary physiotherapist Samantha Finnemore treating a terrier
Veterinary physiotherapist Samantha Finnemore treating a terrier

Equipment consisted of DLSR cameras, both handheld and tripod mounted, and a mobile phone on a gimball for some unusual overhead angles – more later. Video was shot predominantly at 60fps to allow for use as slow motion footage if required.

The first part of the shoot took place in an outdoor arena where the focus was on specific movements of a horse being ridden, with close-up on areas of the body. In addition to low-angle and handheld shots from the ground, I also utilised some over head footage by standing on a wall beside the school and holding a gimball-mounted mobile phone over the horse and rider, to capture the curvature of the spine during a shoulder-in movement.

Later we moved into the stable area to shoot footage of Sammy at work, massaging and manipulating horses and dogs in different ways. Finally I set up off -camera flash in order to capture a selection of still images of more static forms of physiotherapy treatment.

Veterinary physiotherapist Samantha Finnemore
There is always time for some fun on my shoots!

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