Lauren Hough and Zara Tindall walking the course at Burghley Horse Trials

Land Rover Burghley 2017 – Wednesday

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I have four different main clients this year so need to keep my wits about me. I’ve headed to Burghley early to give me a chance to sit down and plan my Thursday/Friday/Saturday around who I need to shoot and who, in theory, I don’t. I’ve decided to get to Burghley and set off onto the cross-country course just after …

The victorious USA team with the FEI Nations Cup Aga Khan Trophy at Dublin Horse Show 2017

Dublin Horse Show 2017 – Day Five

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Day five of Dublin Horse Show. It’s Friday and that means it’s Nations Cup day. I’m looking forward to this, but not from a British perspective. They haven’t been performing well this week so far. There are lots of quirks to the Dublin Horse Show. One of which is that it isn’t know as the Dublin Horse Show. Instead it’s …

Andrew Nicholson and SWALLOW SPRINGS

Equestrian editorial photography at Aston Le Walls

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what is the difference between event photography and editorial photography? what happens when the publication is an equestrian one? working a cross country course the results I’ve often been asked if covering an event for a magazine is like event photography, and I always answer, “yes, and no!” The difference between event photography and editorial photography is usually clear. Event …

The problem with watermarks – a plea to photographers

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Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think watermarks are a bad thing per se, I just think we, as photographers, are not using them effectively. Why do we use watermarks? This is the crux of the issue. Photographers use watermarks for different purposes. Some use them to mark their “proof” or website images in such a way that if they …

images of horses which are not flattering

5 Images of horses which you shouldn’t be capturing

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Very soon after I started photographing horses it became clear that there were flattering moments to capture the movement of a horse, and just as many, if not more, unflattering ones. This was then drummed home when I started working for event photographers, selling to competitors on-site. Images of horses which I created had to be taken straight from the camera and displayed on …

Multibuy Discount Code

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I’ve been meaning to add a multibuy discount option for some time now and I have now finally got round to it. Please enter 20%MULTIBUY if you are ordering 3 or more items. Please note that this discount only applies to items on the “Prints and products” price list as there are already offers in place for Downloads. Don’t forget! Multibuy Discount …

Images packages

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My experience of working for event photographers at every level is that social media has made a big impact. Ok, I didn’t have to be a genius to work that out, especially as you are probably reading this via social media right now. However, adapting the products I sell to the requirements of today’s client is very important to me. …

The "correct" moment to photograph a carriage is when the horses nearest fore leg is extended

The “rules” of equestrian photography

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Several times recently I have found myself referring to “the golden rules of equestrian photography”. Quite rightly, someone asked me what they were! These rules I was referring to are not written down anywhere, instead I have learned them through discussion with riders, owners and other photographers; photographers with many more years of experience than I. They are the result …