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22nd April 2021
Photographing Horses Indoors

This course is free to members. Photographing horses indoors is one of the most challenging of all the equestrian photography disciplines. Light levels are varied, but usually poor, meaning there is an inevitable trade off between shutter speeds and high ISO - and therefore noise - levels. Course Content: Preparation arena lighting Is the best […]

19th April 2021
Which Camera and lens should I buy for equestrian photography

This course is free to Members. Whenever I am perusing equine photography groups on social media, there is always someone asking for advice on the best camera for equestrian photography, or asking "whether a XXX would be good for it". In this course I will try to simplify the process of purchasing a camera for […]

19th April 2021
Image Management and Backup for photographers

This course is free to Members. A short intermediate level mini-course outlining a workflow for image file management, import, naming, storage and backup. Course Content File organisation Keeping a consistent storage scheme Ingestion SEO, Photo Mechanic and Metadata Importing into Lightroom File management and naming Lightroom Catalog Filenames and SEO Backups In-camera backup local backup […]

1st March 2021
Add a Splide slider using the Oxygen Builder

Splide is a wonderfully lightweight, pure Javascript carousel/slider which is gaining popularity among developers who need to include slider in web sites but don't want the bloat attached to some common slider libraries like swiper.js. I was searching for a quick tutorial on how to add a Splide slider using the Oxygen builder, my go-to […]

14th October 2019
Adding home theatre sound to your PC or Mac

Caveat: I am not an audiophile. My AV receiver and speaker set-up did not cost five-figure sums (quite the opposite). BUT, if you want to know how to achieve proper surround sounds. The need for better sound from my PC Some time now, my desktop PC has been connected to a pair of those Bose […]

19th September 2019
How to upgrade an M.2 SSD and not lose your operating system

Many computer systems nowadays come with SSD (Solid State Disk) drives for the operating system to ensure quick start up times and fast read/write times for the operating system and applications. The only problem with this superfast technology - particularly the small on-motherboard M.2 drives - is that it is relatively expensive compared to larger […]

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I am a photographer, website designer and hosting provider living in Oakham, Rutland.

I work with clients who are sole traders and others which are FTSE companies. They are equally important to me.

If you need commercial photography, editorial photography, event photography, lifestyle, equestrian or wedding photography, then I can help you, with over 30 years experience in these areas.

I also teach photography, both one-to-one and in small groups. I mentor photographers with a range of experience, from beginners to working professionals.

I have a varied set of skills, having worked for well known web design and...
...web analytics companies in parallel to my photography.

I design, host and maintain websites for clients as varied as farms, interior designers and equestrian centres, as well as for bloggers and sportspeople.

I am the Public Relations Officer for the Midlands Point-to-Point Association, a role which utilises my PR and social media skills to promote horse racing both online and in the National press.

If you think that I could be the right person to help you, whatever your project, then please get in touch and we can discuss what you need and the ways in which I can help.

You can find out more about me here.
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