Nick Pepper (Strategic) and Tommy Iriate (CANI)

Assam Cup Final 2015 – CANI vs. Strategic

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The Davidsons Homes Assam Cup reached its climax on Sunday when Louise Jebson’s CANI and Peter O’Rourke’s Strategic contested the final at Rutland Polo Club, in a repeat of last year’s final. The match seemed to be heading for a repeat of last year’s result, which Strategic won, when they led 7-4 in the last chukka, but CANI created some …

Rathbeags vs. Print On Demand - League Matches - Assam Cup Polo 2015

Assam Cup Polo at Rutland Polo Club – Rathbeags vs. Print On Demand

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The first league match of the 2015 Davidson Homes Assam Cup held at Rutland Polo Club on Tuesday 16th June. [full set of images of this match – Rathbeags vs. Print On Demand]   Assam Cup Polo at Rutland Polo Club – Rathbeags vs. Print On Demand was last modified: June 16th, 2015 by nico

The “Commandments” of equestrian photography

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Several times recently I have found myself referring to “the golden rules of equestrian photography”. Quite rightly, someone asked what they were! The rules I was referring to are not written down anywhere, instead I have learned them through discussion with riders, owners and other photographers; photographers with many more years of experience than I. They are the result of …

The Rutland Cup and a few thoughts on photographing polo

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The four-goal Rutland Cup, hosted by Rutland Polo Club (surprise, surprise) marks, for me, the proper start of the polo season here in the East Midlands. It also means trying to remember a little about how to do polo photography! As I travel around different venues doing what I do, which is basically equestrian photography, the sport I get asked …