The Rutland Cup and a few thoughts on photographing polo

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The four-goal Rutland Cup, hosted by Rutland Polo Club (surprise, surprise) marks, for me, the proper start of the polo season here in the East Midlands. It also means trying to remember a little about how to do polo photography! As I travel around different venues doing what I do, which is basically equestrian photography, the sport I get asked …

What is this Photoshelter thing?

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Photoshelter is the online service which underpins my website. As such its branding occasionally appears on email enquiries and some Google searches for me or my work. I hope to explain a little here about what it does and why I use it. The photographer who wishes to publish his work online has a plethora of tools at his or …

Equestrian Photographers 20/20 Auction in aid of the DEC Haiti Earthquake Appeal

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Twenty of the nation’s top equestrian photographers have been asked to offer their support to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Haiti Earthquake Appeal and I’m very honoured to be one of them. On offer are twenty stunning original equestrian images which will be sold though an online auction commencing 28 January 2010. All involved in the project are giving their …


The Countryside Alliance Fashion Show

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A few months ago I was asked if I would shoot a fashion show for the Countryside Alliance as a favour to a friend who helps to organise such things. Of course I said yes! The venue was the wonderful Kelmarsh Hall in Northamptonshire, a stunning stately home which provided the perfect surroundings to show off local fashions. A reception …

New arrival

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Zinnia Margaret Morgan was born at 8.05am on Monday 7th May 2001 and weighed 5lbs 14 oz. Although four weeks premature, Zinnie is doing well and will only be kept in hospital for a few nights for observation. Mother is well, Father is in shock. Commentary will return in a few days. New arrival was last modified: Feb 23rd, 2015 …

Moved to Greymatter

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A few test items to finish the month. As you can probably see, Greymatter is now running this site (I thought the day Blogger was down was a good day to start) and seem to be making a good job of it. Archives can still be found here. Now I just need to do some work on the rest of …

Bear Grylls on Everest

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Team Philips, you may remember, was designed for The Race but never made the start line in Barcelona. Friends of mine who work for Musto, one of Goss’ main sponsors, inform me that, due to being almost exclusively carbon fibre in construction, it won’t sink. So, as many of the competitors in The Race bow to the awesome forces of …


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James, over at One Day Soon, has me down as a stalker. Stalking was last modified: Aug 25th, 2015 by nico

Pick of the Day

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My attention was drawn to this in a British Newspaper TV Guide Section. Yes it was really there and this is not a fake. You meeja guys have a sense of humour after all! Pick of the Day was last modified: Aug 25th, 2015 by nico

Over the Sea to…

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Been away for a few days on the lovely Isle of Skye, where cookery writer Claire MacDonald and her husband Godfrey threw one hell of a party for the wedding of their daughter Isabella to Sky Sports’ Tom Eveling. They had a beautiful day for it yesterday, ending with a magnificent sunset as the guests drove back across the Skye …

I’m back!

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Feeling brown and ready for action. Huge pile of post. Several hundred e-mails. OUCH! RIP, long live! Hope you had a nice Hol Katie… I’m back! was last modified: Aug 25th, 2015 by nico

Hockey vs. ARM

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Off to play hockey for Bidwells (Surveyors) against ARM behind the Cambridge United Ground on the Abbey Astro. Will probably be very sore by the end of tonight. They thrashed us last time (yes, all millionaires AND good at hockey!) so we might have to get nasty this time. Hockey vs. ARM was last modified: Aug 25th, 2015 by nico

Quiet Please!

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Seen drawn into dirt on back of Haulage truck on A14 today: “Quiet Please! Refugees sleeping inside” Hhmmm. Quiet Please! was last modified: Aug 25th, 2015 by nico