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Who are the equestrian influencers?

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UPDATED - 19th September 2017
Moz Rank column added. Table can be sorted by the column of your choice. Quite a few sites have had their scores go down. If you are one of them you might want to investigate why.

Whilst fiddling with my own media pack I got very involved with digging deeply into my domain analytics via Moz’s Free SEO Tools. If you haven’t discovered these yet, they are well worth a look and can give you some useful insights into your website, who is linking to it and how it is seen in terms of ranking and spam rating.

As an exercise in determining what needed to be improved on my own site I started to look at some other sites in my niche, equestrian media, and adding them to a table which I could sort by domain authority or page authority.

I hope this might be a useful resource for companies looking to work with well ranked sites and blogs (influencers if you like) for advertising and marketing.

The table below was accurate at the time of publication on Sunday 17th September 2017. I will try to update it regularly to keep it relevant but if you want a bang-up-to-date authority figure for any domain use the Moz link above and type in the domain to scrutinise.

A few caveats:

  • I have used a broad determination of what could be included in equestrian media, to  include magazine sites, blogs, photographers, marketers and PR etc. I am by no means an expert on equestrian sites worldwide, which leads me on to the next caveat…
  • The list of domains in this table is not exhaustive by any means. If you would like me to include your site in here, please get in touch and I will add it as soon as I can.
  • When you look at this table it may not be up-to-date (see update notice above), so please be careful if you are going to quote these figures.
  • I have not included sites which do not operate from their own domain name e.g. joebloggs.zenfolio.com, because the parent domain’s authority does not reflect the importance of the child subdomain.
Site NameSite URLPage Authority (Home Page)Domain AuthorityMoz Rank
Racing Posthttps://www.racingpost.com/77736.37
Chronicle of the Horsehttp://www.chronofhorse.com/66596.04
Horse & Houndhttp://www.horseandhound.co.uk/65576.32
Horse & Country TVhttp://horseandcountry.tv/54485.59
Eventing Nationhttp://eventingnation.com/53465.86
Horse Nationhttp://www.horsenation.com/55456.21
Phelps Media Grouphttp://www.phelpsmediagroup.com/49395.67
Horse Junkies Unitedhttp://horsejunkiesunited.com/44385.6
Noelle Floydhttp://www.noellefloyd.com/45375.82
Nico Morgan Media (Galleries)http://www.nicomorgan.com42375.71
Equus International Film Festivalhttps://equusinternationalfilmfestival.com/41315.94
ES Photographyhttp://esphotography.co.uk/39314.11
An Eventful Lifehttps://www.an-eventful-life.com.au/40304.96
Pegase Buzzhttp://www.pegasebuzz.com34294.31
Nico Morgan Media (Blog)https://www.nicomorgan.co.uk39295.61
Jon Stroud Mediahttps://www.jonstroudmedia.com40295.63
Eventing Worldwidehttps://www.eventingworldwide.com/40295.38
Everything Horsehttp://everythinghorseuk.co.uk/28294.98
Jennifer Wood Mediahttp://www.jenniferwoodmedia.com/37294.82
Jump Media LLChttp://www.jumpmediallc.com/40285.56
Sarah Farnsworthhttp://www.sarahfarnsworth.co.uk/39275.39
Matthew Seedhttps://www.horse-photographer.co.uk/38274.72
Equestrian Creative Networkhttp://www.equestriancreativenetwork.com/36266.05
Mark Beaumonthttps://www.markbeaumont.co.uk/34254.76
Libby Law Photographyhttp://www.libbylawphotography.com/38254.73
British Equestrian Directoryhttp://www.britishequestriandirectory.com/31245.74
Jump In Actionhttp://www.jumpinaction.net/35245.36
Horse Hourhttp://www.horsehour.co.uk/32244.58
Heels Down Maghttp://heelsdownmag.com/34234.43
Classic Communicationshttp://www.classic-communications.com/35234.35
The Equestrian Indexhttps://www.equestrianindex.com/36235.04
The Gaitposthttp://www.thegaitpost.com/33225.64
Mirror Me PRhttps://www.mirrormepr.co.uk/32194.53
Katie Mortimore Photographyhttps://katiemortimorephotography.com/31194.56
Tara Punter PRhttps://www.tarapunterpr.co.uk/31185.05
Equestrian Businesshttp://www.equestrianbusiness.net/24174.27
Rhea Freeman PRhttp://www.rheafreemanpr.co.uk/28164.21
Creative Equine Marketinghttp://www.creativeequinemarketing.co.uk/29164.52
Full Gallop Communicationshttps://www.fullgallopcomm.com/28164.36
The Bit UKhttp://www.thebituk.co.uk/28164.59
Pferd Imageshttps://www.pferd-images.co.uk/30165.18
Sweet Images Photographyhttp://sweet-images.co.uk/26153.40
Equine Hourhttps://www.equinehour.com/28154.44
Sophie Callahanhttp://www.sophiecallahanblog.com/27144.72
Cara Grimshawhttp://www.kiwinky.com/26133.21
Blacktype Digitalhttps://blacktypedigital.com/23124.37
The Horse Agencyhttp://www.agency.horse/11
Equestrian Marketing - Hayley Feldmanhttps://equestrian.marketing/11

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